What we do...

We the National Association for School and Youth Group Karting (NatSKA). We are the seed of grassroots karting and our core aim is to get kids in karts. We run kart meetings under permit from our governing body Motorsport UK

We operate a championship running through the academic year with our National Schools Karting champions “crowned” each year in July. We normally hold around 12 race meetings a year operating as far north as Rowrah in Cumbria and as far south as Lydd in Kent – with many other venues in between. You can check out our calendar below.

Kart racing in schools has existed for more than 50 years and covers a wide range of educational, academic, technological, social and sporting subjects – and it’s not just for those who want to drive as we can arrange training for those who want to be scrutineers, timekeepers and race administrators! Our organisation provides a tremendous stimulus to all concerned.

NatSKA is home to teams from many parts of the UK, be it a school based team or a youth group based team (and in fact, some of our youth groups have been formed specifically to come kart racing with us!).

We currently have eight different classes of karts, from cadets (8 years) up to 70mph 100cc club racers. There is a class to suit all budgets and levels of ability. Some karts are totally school built while others are bought commercially. Running costs are not high and race entry fees are also very reasonable and NatSKA provides an excellent path for students wishing to enter motorsports and other forms of automotive engineering – with many of our alumni going on to study Motorsport Engineering at University (and on to work for formula one teams and other types of car racing)

Students can join NatSKA at the age of 8 years and can race to 31st August after they leave full time education (usually 18 years). Joining is easy and only requires your school or youth group to become members of NatSKA (and we can even arrange to “buddy” you up with an existing team while you find your feet!)

If you would like more information about us and what we do, please Contact Us