Being a member of NatSKA offers up much more than just racing

Karting - a Learning Experience

As well as providing a great sporting activity, Karting develops individuals in so many ways. It is a great social experience. Drivers earn respect for one another; they enjoy the sportsman like competitiveness with their peers, rivals and team-mates. They have to face frustrations, and set backs. They learn how to work as a team, to support each other, to be patient, to persevere, accept fair play and celebrate together in all their achievements!

As a family sport parents and children alike enjoy the valuable time together helping to develop life long lasting bonds and fond enjoyable memories.  In addition during off track time, teams have the opportunity to engage in other social activities together.

joiing-5Whilst many of our drivers aspire to be professional racing drivers this is not usually feasible. However, NatSKA has proven itself over decades as a very powerful tool in helping our drivers achieve more realistic ambitions. We do have some professional racing drivers in the family but we have many more whom have developed careers  in mechanical engineering with prestigious companies such Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Force India, McLaren Electronics, Riccardo Engineering and Bentley, helped in no small part by their involvement in NatSKA.

As a family sport parents and children alike enjoy the valuable time together helping to develop life long lasting bonds and fond enjoyable memories.

 For many, racing or engineering are not a desired career and remains purely a great recreational activity. Even for these Drivers entering a career seemingly unconnected with Karting, being able to cite their experiences in NatSKA in their CV helps them stand out in the eyes of both future educational establishments and  employers. This highlights the huge benefits and life-long skills developed over time by participation in this sport.

What does it cost?

Race entry fees are around £40.

However we offer the first 4 meetings at no-cost for new teams to let you get a feel for the sport. All of our existing teams have team equipment which they loan/hire to new drivers so it is often just petrol costs when you start out.

Where do we race?

With a new track comes a new challenge, Natska does it’s best to keep it diverse year in year out.

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We attend tracks in the north, midlands and the south in a effort to make it as fair as possible for all the teams dotted around the country: Be it the wet and windy monster than is Rowrah to the short but sweet challenging oval of Camberley.

What classes do we run?

NatSKA encourages classes old and new, supplying strong competition at low cost.

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We offer up many different kinds of classes that allow the experienced and not so to get stuck in. By starting out as a novice you will be able to get to grips with both driving and marshaling alongside other beginners in low power karts. Once the criteria is met you can move onto other challenges that are suitable for your age!

What are we all about?

Home of Schools and Youth groups Karting for over 40yrs.

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NatSKA is a non Profit nationwide association run by volunteers. We operate under our own NatSKA Regulations, which are approved annually by the country’s Motorsports governing body the Motorsport Sports Association (MSA).


Karting, like most other sports such as Horse riding, Motor Bike Cross and Rugby can be potentially dangerous; but all risks are minimised due to very strict safety regulations which we enforce to the full. It is a non-contact sport and NatSKA takes this rule very seriously!

By following MSA regulation rules every precaution is taken when it comes to driver & spectator safety.Our race meetings are run under the MSA’s Permit Scheme, which ensures that all our events are covered by the MSA’s insurances.


As in other disciplines in motorsports, a license is required to drive a racing kart on a circuit or enter competitions.  We have a licence scheme where drivers have to pass a theory test before they are permitted on circuit and then need to pass an assessment of their driving in several practice sessions before being allowed to actually race. For the first few meetings after they gain their licence they must start at the back of the grid which helps keep them and others safe as they gain experience. When the time comes to move to a faster class there is a further licence upgrade required.  If a prospective driver already possesses an MSA kart licence it may be possible to shortcut this procedure.

Safety Equipment

All drivers are required to wear proper equipment for their safety such as aFull-face Helmet, Driving suit, Gloves and Driving Boots. These need to conform to set standards and at each race meeting these will be checked by a qualified scrutineer to ensure they comply with safety regulations. The kart itself is also subject to stringent safety regulations which are checked in the morning before it is allowed onto the circuit and throughout the day if needed.


The officials are all in constant radio communication. Marshals play a vital role in keeping meetings running smoothly and protecting drivers and spectators alike. Flag marshals are stationed at various points around the circuit displaying appropriate flags as a means of communicating with the drivers. Circuit marshals are also there to assist in case of any collisions, accidents or track problems.

The Clerk of the Course is the official in charge of the meeting and is licenced by the MSA. The Clerk is assisted by a range of others volunteers running race control, time-keeping, lap-scoring etc, whom together manage various aspects of circuit operations.


There are safety rules for spectators and helpers and these are treated just as seriously as those for the drivers. NatSKA also expects excellent conduct and sportsman like behaviour for all involved. The child and young person’s welfare is paramount and all have a right of protection. All suspicions or allegations of inappropriate behaviour are taken seriously and are responded to appropriately and promptly.


There is always a trained paramedic and ambulance at the circuit to ensure that should there be any accidents these are attended to without any delay

There are two key ways to become involved with NatSKA Karting.

1. Affiliate with an existing team

If you would like to explore this opportunity we can give you more information and put you in contact directly with a club in your local area and they will take it from there!

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2. Set up your own team

It’s easier than you think! We can give you lots of advice, practical help, buddy you up with another team and possibly some financial assistance to help with the initial costs. For more information visit our ‘Joining as a new Team’ Page via the button below

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