Committee & Volunteers

NatSKA is purely a non-profit organisation ran by a dedicated group of volunteers

The elected members of the NatSKA committee are ultimately responsible for the running and organisation of the NatSKA season, both at and away from the circuit. Much of the committee’s work takes place ‘in the background’, but without the hard work of the volenteers NatSKA would not as successful as we are today.

There are many volenteers within NatSKA that are not on the committee but still contribute hugely to the development and continued growth of this organisation, without such help race days simply could not function.

Committee meetings held throughout the season ensure the input and feedback of NatSKA members is fed back into the organisation. Transparancy and open involvment is something NatSKA prides itself on.

Stuart Newton



Gail Fitchett



Kevin Fitchett

Competition Secretary


Stuart Hammond

Technical Director


David Speed

Membership & Licensing


Russell Andrews



Stephen Keirle

Development Director


Lend a hand

Want to help out and be a part of NatSKA be it behind the scenes or front of shop on race day? We’re always looking for volunteers so don’t hesitate to inquire if you feel you could contribute!

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