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Home of Schools and Youth groups Karting for over 40yrs

NatSKA is a non Profit nationwide association run by volunteers. We operate under our own NatSKA Regulations, which are approved annually by the country’s Motorsports governing body the Motorsport Sports Association (MSA) which is responsible for all motor sport in the UK including British Touring Cars, Formula 3, Formula Renault and Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

Karting is an exciting activity that is great fun, providing tremendous pleasure to all involved. It is also a great family sport! It affords a, wide range of educational, technological, social and sporting experience. Racing at some of the best Karting Tracks in the UK Natska has a significant number of member teams from a variety of schools and youth groups. These teams compete at events throughout the year leading up to our prestigious National Championships.

NatSKA’s ultimate focus is to give children and young people the opportunity to experience karting at an affordable price whilst still maintaining a high level of competition.


NatSKA through the years

NatSKA has been the home of Schools and Youth Groups Karting for over 40yrs. Giving kids, teens and parents the chance to compete and race in motorsport for a fraction of the price. Over the years the organisation has visited all corners of the UK, explored many different engine classes and put many kids, teens and parents on the path to competing in Motorsport be it driving, mechanicing or marshaling! 

Thanks to Martin Watts Leader of Weaverham High School Kart Team & NatSKA Committee member (80/90’s), Trevor May of High Wycombe & Keith Fletcher of Blacon High Chester Kart Team & NatSKA Chairman (2000-03) for providing this gallery!

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