Volunteering at NatSKA – Timekeepers & Scrutineers

Ever wondered how 100 plus young people all get to race safely and have fun on track at circuits all over the country?

Well it is a lot of dedicated people doing their bit, often behind the scenes. We are always looking for people to join the team and help in any way they can, from transporting bits of our equipment to each race, helping to run race control, on track as a circuit marshal, scrutineering, time-keeping to lap-scoring.

Any help will be very gratefully received. If you are interested please let your team leader know or simply talk to any of the officials at a meeting.

We are currently in specific need of two important race meeting roles, please see below!

Scrutineering in NatSKA

A Scrutineer’s job is to check that competing karts comply with the relevant technical regulations, which help to ensure safety and fair play. While experience in engineering or a similar technical field is an advantage, it is most certainly NOT essential. If you have managed to gets your son/daughter on track to race you can learn to be an MSA qualified Scrutineer. If you have a NatSKA Gold Card you are already well on the road!

The process for obtaining a Trainee Scrutineer licence is free and simple; complete the MSA’s New Officials Registration form and return it by post to the MSA Licensing Department. You will need to tick the relevant box or boxes depending on whether you want to be a Car, Kart or Environmental Trainee Scrutineer and you can apply to be all three if you wish. For NatSKA you should ensure you tick Kart trainee but we would recommend ticking all 3 of these as you can use experience in NatSKA to move onto cars at a later stage if you wish

You’ll then be sent a Trainee Licence and an introductory pack, with a Training Module and DVD. You will be supported by qualified Scrutineers throughout your training.

If you have any questions or concerns please see Chris or John in scrutineering for help or email John: technical@natska.co.uk

MSA New Official Reg Form

Timekeeping in NatSKA

Timekeeping is an essential element of NatSKA events, with the timekeeper’s role being to record driver’s times and positions in order to determine the event results.
We use an electronic timing system which is easy to use, that can accurately measure to the nearest thousandth of a second. We work closely with the lap scorers – cross checking timing results with theirs to ensure 100% accuracy. It needs some concentration but is great fun and we all enjoy being together and supporting one another on race days. It also has the huge advantage of keeping you dry and warm with a brew in your hand!!! You can still watch your child race and get the best view on the circuit!


Timekeepers can begin training from the age of 16 and are eligible to qualify as fully licensed Timekeepers once they turn 18.
All training for Timekeepers is conducted via modular training programmes; they begin as Trainee Timekeepers and subsequently undertake further modules to progress through the different grades and/or disciplines. It is not as onerous as it sounds!

Training is carried out under the guidance of a qualified Timekeeper, Anne Howard, who will act as mentor throughout the training period.

Getting started

If you are interested come and shadow Anne at one of the NatSKA Meetings and see if it is something that you would like to pick up. When and if you feel ready to progress further you can start the process of becoming an MSA Trainee Time keeper.

The process for obtaining a Trainee Timekeeper licence is free and simple; download and complete the MSA’s New Officials Registration form and return it by post to the MSA Licensing Department. You will then be sent a Trainee Licence and an introductory pack, with a Training Module.

Please contact Anne if you are interested on: timekeeper@natska.co.uk

MSA New Official Reg Form