Formula 1 Work Placement 2017

We are pleased to confirm that once again, Force India F1 have provided NatSKA with a work experience placement for 2017! We’ve been lucky enough to have been granted this prize for a good few years now, allowing our drivers to apply what they’ve learnt in NatSKA and their respected teams in one of the best Motorsport outfits in the world. Force India embody much of what NatSKA stands for and provides to it’s members, standing up for the right to go racing in a fun and competitive manner, without having to rely on an outlandish budget (we’re speaking F1 terms here….).

Many of our drivers have gone through the Force India placement program, coming out on the other end with a wealth of experience and insight. A lot have found it an invaluable opportunity to get on the Motorsport ladder, we highly recommenced all that fit the requirements apply!

Duration of placement:  1 week.

Date of placement:  TBC

Schedules:  The placement will take place at either the Wind Tunnel/Design Office or the Silverstone Factory, previously the schedule for both has gone something like the below list (note this isn’t confirmed).  The candidate will be able to choose where they complete their placement but it can’t be a “bit of both”.  (Force India also reserve the right to vary the program, as necessary).

Wind Tunnel Schedule
Monday – Design Office, Aerodynamics
Tuesday – Inspection and Machine Shop
Wednesday – Pattern Shop
Thursday – Rapid Prototype
Friday – Model Shop

Silverstone Factory Schedule
Monday – Inspection
Tuesday – Composites clean room
Wednesday – Composites clean room
Thursday – Composites trim shop
Friday – Fabrication

We are looking for the person who will get the most out of this placement, and who will be the best ambassador for NatSKA at Force India. Our final decision will be based on the most genuine application, not the most polished written submission! If you have applied in previous years and been unsuccessful, try again. You never know – it may be your year!

As in previous years, to ensure total fairness to everyone, the names and team details from the returned entry forms will be removed to then be sent on to NatSKA’s judging panel, who will anonymously shortlist them down to about 5 applications. The names of the shortlisted 5 will then be revealed so that a final decision can be made by the panel (i.e. by those not connected to the finalists), making it as fair as possible!

  • Applicants must aged between 15-20 at the time of the work experience
  • Applicants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Applicants must have School permission if this work experience falls within term time
  • Force India reserve the right to approve the nominated candidate
  • The completed form should be no more than 2 sides of A4 – handwritten or typed

Drivers should not submit an entry if they cannot comply with these conditions! Please complete the attached form by the 15th October and return it to Stuart Newton – Chairman:

  • By hand at any of the meetings before this date
  • via post (on request. Ask your team leader for the address)
  • Email