An encouraging year for NatSKA

With the 2014-15 season restarting at Camberley we all had high hopes for the organisation going forwards. A lot of work behind the scenes occurred over the winter break from the committee, analysing where NatSKA as an organisation can improve. It was noted that schools karting isn’t an exception to the country wide decline in grids and new drivers, so a plan was put in place to tackle this issue before it could take a strangle hold on our beloved organisation. With a strong focus on bringing in new teams and drivers, while still keeping the spirit of NatSKA true to what it has been for the last 40+yrs we pushed forward into 2015, putting the plan into action.

As a result of this we’ve seen a rise in drivers across the board, new teams, establishing new classes and bolstering old by making the sign up & info process easier, introducing a lower age barrier and basically telling the UK we’re here:

A new class for 2015

Class 1 Cadet aimed at 8yrs+. This class has been implemented to accommodate for one of the biggest sectors in karting at the moment and to encourage those who already have older brothers and sisters involved in the organisation to get a head start! Our novices are the future of NatSKA and Karting in general, so it’s essential to give these young children (and budding parents) wanting to make the step into karting the opportunity to in a non-competitive, safe and supportive environment. We’ve already seen a strong response from the idea this year and are very pleased with how many have taken part. The driving standards from these youngsters have been very impressive, sometimes showing up even our most seasoned drivers!

For more information on our newly formed cadet class please get in touch or visit our class page.


Lend a hand scheme

This idea was probably the best to come out of the work done over the winter as it not only serves those who want to start but also represents NatSKA itself and what it stands for. If you’re interested in joining the organisation as a new team or just as a driver joining an existing one the option to borrow gear, equipment, tools and even a kart (or karts) is there. Our established teams are a very open and friendly bunch that are on hand to lend whatever is required, be it anything already stated above or just some friendly advice. We as an organisation are also open to establishing a relationship with those interested in joining, by offering financial assistance to get you on your feet as we are well aware of the difficulties involved in starting from scratch.

If it wasn’t for the teams or drivers there would be no NatSKA so anything we can do to help old or new please get in touch or visit our joining page for more info.


A fresh look and more prominent karting presence 

NatSKA functions as group of volunteers not only over a race weekend but during the week as well, so moving things forward not directly related to the weekends action is challenging. The organisation relies on the individual skills & dedication of those involved, encouraging anyone who thinks they can contribute to step forward. We’re fortunate enough to have people on board who are working on such things as the organisations finances, booking & organising race meetings, promotion, development and licensing to name a few (that’s before we even begin to mention those who help on race days). Some of these people have helped to create this very site you’re on, a small stepping stone to getting NatSKA’s name out into the karting world once again. Other measures have also been discussed to help with the organisations exposure, but for now it all starts here keeping this site fully up to date and building an expanding resource not only for those seeking to join but for those already involved. Going forward the site will be a place where drivers can come to share racing know how, parents & helpers can seek technical advice and team leaders can gain access to information needed for the upcoming race meetings.

If you want to lend a hand or think you have something to contribute to the organisation please get in touch or visit our committee page to see who does what.


Going Forwards

The season has now come to an end but we’re are very much looking forward to pushing ahead next season and seeing the above points continue to take effect, improving an already winning formula! If you’re interested in coming down to a meeting to see what’s involved head on over to our calendar to check out what’s near you and when (it’s free and a fun days spectating). If you simply wish to know more about joining NatSKA from the comfort of your home then just head over to our joining page and learn how, it’s easier than it seems!

Thank you to everyone who got their hands dirty this year, lifting NatSKA from the recent slump it has been stuck in. This season has been the turn around we were all looking for! Keep an eye on the site for updates on next season and all the above future developments!