Round 5 – The Season Restart!

Camberley played host to the restart of our 2014-15 season (7/3/2015) with what seemed like the first day of spring, blue clear skys with temperatures perfect for early season racing! Strong grids throughout the classes presented a remedy for a competitive days racing around the fast paced challenging oval like Camberley circuit! Yet again our Jnr Rotax and TKM drivers were chomping at the bit with both classes sporting the largest amount of drivers with our ever popular Honda GX160 classes not far behind.

Class 7 Jnr TKM screamed into action instantly putting the two main contenders into some close racing. Number 4 Charlie Palmer of St Michael’s took the fight to Reece Griffiths of Tarporley in heat 1 but unfortunately couldn’t do enough against the pace of Reece come the chequered flag. Not long after in heat 2 he took the victory over Reece with number 11 Charlie Mooney from 1165ATC splitting the two. Heat 3 saw fresh faced contender number 68 Theo Hesketh also of Tarporley step up to the plate beating both Charlie and Reece to the finish line. For Charlie and Reece it came down to the last heat, whoever finished in front would take the meeting win! Heat 4 saw Charlie take a calculated dive down the inside to pass Reece and a handful of other drivers putting him in the lead of the race and ultimately the meeting. Consistency saw Reece onto the 2nd step of the podium with Theo Hesketh in 3rd benefiting from his victory earlier in the day!

Our Jnr Honda GX160 grid class 11 saw a strong turnout for Barclay making up over 50% of the grid, thus sporting a good chance for them to bring home some silverware. With that said Barclay number 31 driver Joe Habershon dominated the meetings racing for class 11 sweeping up victories in the first 3 races, closely followed by Rio Rhoden of Edmonton in 2nd place also in the first 3. He managed to fend off team mate to Joe number 2 Steve Lucy all day, who trailed the two putting Rio in a Barclay sandwich come the final results!

The Snr class 12 saw a handful of drivers make the step up from class 11 to compete on the more experienced grid hoping to put their skills to the test. likewise the grid saw a strong presence from Barclay and an even stronger showing from the promoted Barclay team member Harvery Hollick! He took the fight to championship leaders Merrick Crook of St Michael’s and teammate Connor Murrill as soon as the green flag dropped. Harvey bagged himself 3 wins throughout the day while round 1 winner Crossdale driver Matthew Hearst trailed in 2nd in all 4 of his heats. As always number 2 Connor Murrill put in a valiant effort picking up the 1 win in heat 2 and doing what he could in the other 3 wrapping up 3rd come the end of the day.

Class 13 modified Honda supplied yet again some close competition with championship leader Cameron Kingham of Thomas Alleyne putting in yet another strong showing against Ethan Murrill of Barclay. They both exchanged results throughout the day with Cameron coming out on top when it came to totting up the scores. Ethan picked up an unfortunate 5th place early in the day meaning he missed out when deciding the final position on the ‘highest score finish’. Team mate to Ethan Sean Browne number 61 showed his improvement from earlier in the season getting his best finish yet with 3rd over all.

The Rakets of class 14 lined up with a new contender in the mix going by the name of William Cronin of Bexley. William didn’t hang around instantly putting Robbie White of Tarporley under pressure hounding him throughout the day exchanging results in heat 2 & 3. Robbie however proved why he’s at the top of the championship by bagging one more win than William, putting him on the top step alongside William and also above championship rival & teammate Sam Bailey who finished in 3rd.

With championship leader Matthew Boyle of St Michaels not in attendance on the Class 15 Jnr Rotax grid it was down to 2nd place man Jack Ward of Barclay to take advantage. And take advantage he did starting strong in heat 1 with a win ahead of the 1165ATC driver Conner Modro. Jack came close to another win in heat 3 & 2 but it didn’t matter because it was enough to beat Conner come the end of the day. Conner did his best to hunt down Jack but a 14th place finish in the 2nd heat held him back, he did do enough to stay ahead of number 4 Shaun Jarvis of Bexley in 3rd who but in some very consistent results.

Novice of the day voted for by officials out on the circuit went to St Michael’s driver Leo Crabtree who certainly made the 5hr trip down worth the while! Our new cadet class class 1 also saw driver Daniel Jones pick up an award for quickest average time throughout the day.

Our next meeting is at Hooton Park on the 28th of this month so come on down if you live close by! Head over to our calender for more details and feel free to get in touch if you require anymore information.


Class 7  Jnr TKM

1. (4) Charlie Palmer – St Michael’s
2. (48) Reece Griffiths – Tarporley
3. (68) Theo Hesketh – Tarporley

Class 11  Jnr Honda

1. (31) Joe Habershon – Barclay
2. (93) Rio Rhoden – Edmonton
3. (2) Steve Lucy – Barclay

Class 12  Snr Honda

1. (20) Harvey Hollick – Barclay
2. (58) Matthew Hearst – Crossdale
3. (2) Connor Murrill – Barclay

Class 13  Modified Honda

1. (69) Cameron Kingham – Thomas Alleyne
2. (62) Ethan Murrill – Barclay
3. (61) Sean Browne – Barclay

Class 14  Raket

1. (4) Robbie White – Tarporley
2. (7) William Cronin – Bexley
3. (22) Sam Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley

Class 15  Jnr Rotax

1. (3) Jack Ward – Barclay
2. (7) Conner modro – 1165ATC
3. (4) Shaun Jarvis – Bexley