Round 3 – Back in the Welsh Countryside

Oh how we’d missed the rolling hills, country roads and open clean air of Glan Y Gors (18/10/2014). For many this track is a bit of a trek as we all venture over the border to the lengthy circuit but the drives fabulous so we’re not complaining. The 3rd round of the season tends to be about the time the championship ultimately develops and drivers know who they’re up against for the top spots in their respected tables, so it was time for many to step up their game. However the weather again reared it’s ugly head and decided to play it’s part in the form of showers and dampness, in between the odd spot of sun, in other words we’d brought the English weather with us.


Charlie Palmer of St Michael’s stepped it up when it mattered

At this point the championship was going one drivers way in Jnr TKM class 7, Lee Whittingham of Tarporley had taken the first two rounds of the year for himself, leaving the podium scraps for challengers Charlie Palmer of St Michaels and Theo Hesketh also of Tarporley. Both of Lee’s rivals hadn’t let this gone unnoticed though as they pushed to step it up a gear in the Welsh countryside and step it up they did! Theo was the one to make the first move by taking the race 1 victory over Lee while Charlie slotted in at 4th, but in race 2 a spanner was thrown in the works with another Tarporley driver stepping up to the plate in the form of number 14 Harry Jones. Harry managed to steal the victory in race 2 with team mate Amy Duke slotting in between him and Charlie. This aided the challenge somewhat for Charlie as he then went on to take the last 2 races for himself, stealing the victory by 5 points in the final total, an amazing turn around considering his lackluster beginning to the day. While charlie stomped ahead in the final 2 Theo and Lee exchanged 1 poor 20+ finish each putting them on equal points come the final count. Theo however took 2nd place on the podium with his ‘highest score in heat’ result of 21st over Lee’s final race 22nd.

With the season well underway close competition in each class was rife and class 11 was no exception. The Jnr Honda GX160 class saw Harvey Hollick of Barclay make the long trip up worth it by firing out of the gate for the first race beating both Charlie Whittingham of Tarporley and St Michael’s driver Josh Fish. Harvey kept the pace up in the 2nd and 3rd races to by taking victories in both, while Josh and Charlie kept pace battling hard among themselves for the next best result. Josh seized hold of the opportunity granted to him in the last race by Harvey voting not to take part by taking the race win from close rival Charlie, who finished right behind him. With his 3 solid race victories Harvey took to the top step with Josh in 2nd and Charlie in 3rd.

With most of the grid missing the in the form of the Barclays team the Snr Honda GX160 class 12 grid was rather sparse! 2 drivers went head to head regardless in the form of Merrick Crook of St Michael’s and Finlay Royle of OLCS. Merrick took a clean sweep of all the races, leading Finlay all the way to the final standings!


Georgia Haslam of OLCS standing proudly with her 1st place trophy

Class 13 also saw a small turn out with Georgia Haslam of OLCS and Ryan of Newcomb of Barclay the only drivers to attend. But this didn’t do anything to affect the close competition the modified honda class usually generates, with both drivers exchanging results throughout the entire day only to end up on an identical point count. This mean’t the outcome was decided by the driver with the fastest lap of the day and that driver was Georgia pipping Ryan by 2 tenths.

Tarporley populated the class 14 Raket grid once again with a familiar site at the front of the pack. Brothers Sam and Jake Bailey-Saltmarsh from Tarporley were in the mix along with team mate Robbie White. Sam got a great start taking 2 victories in the first half of the day, both in which Jake followed closely in 2nd. Until the 3rd race Robbie was no where to be seen taking a 5th & 6th in the first 2 a long way behind the two brothers, but Robbie stepped up when it counted and took the following 2 races for himself, beating Sam and his brother all the way. Sam though had done enough damage earlier in the day so he took the meeting victory with the comeback king Robbie in 2nd and Jake in 3rd.


Matthew Boyle of St Michaels brought it home in flawless fashion against proven competition

Class 15 Jnr Rotax saw the return of 2 drivers, the 2014 champion Matthew Boyle of St Michaels and 2013 season champion Lewis Adamson of Tarporley who had not yet competed in the current season. The stage was set for what looked to be an interesting battle between the 2 and last rounds victor Jack Ward who was out to prove he could stick it in with the best of them! The day kicked off with Matthew taking race 1 and it carried on in that exact fashion…. Previous champion Lewis couldn’t catch Matthew all day, finishing behind him in 2 out of the 4 races but he managed to keep it in front of the fresh faced Jack Ward who came in 3rd bagging himself a consistent set of top 4 results throughout the day.

At the beginning of the season a new class was set up for cadets, class 1! In class 1 drivers are encouraged to hone their skills as a typical novice would but with the opportunity to compete through time trails, so no pressure is applied to those who are becoming acclimatised with the world of karting while others more confident can put their practiced skills to the test in a clam environment. Number 18 Ewan Sime of Tarporley managed an average time of 56.97 throughout the day putting him at the top of the leaderboard, a head of AMS team mates Jack Carless and William Cook.

Our next meeting is at Camberley on the 1/11/2014 so come on down if you live close by, everyone is welcome to spectate and pick our brains! Head over to our calender for more details and feel free to get in touch if you require anymore information.

The full meeting photo album can be found here


Class 7  Jnr TKM

1. (4) Charlie Palmer – St Michael’s
2. (68) Theo Hesketh – Tarporley
3. (5) Lee Whittingham – Tarporley

Class 11  Jnr Honda

1. (20) Harvey Hollick – Barclay
2. (12) Josh Fish – st Michael’s
3. (17) Charlie Whittingham – Tarporley

Class 12  Snr Honda

1. (15) Merrick Crook – St Michael’s
2. (8) Finlay Royle – OLCS

Class 13  Modified Honda

1. (62) Georgia Haslam – OLCS
2. (63) Ryan Newcomb – Barclay

Class 14  Raket

1. (22) Sam Bailey-Satlmarsh – Tarporley
2. (4) Robbie White – Tarporley
3. (11) Jake Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley

Class 15  Jnr Rotax

1. (1) Matthew Boyle – St Michael’s
2. (28) Lewis Adamson – Tarporley
3. (3) Jack Ward – Barclay