Round 2 – Changeable Conditions Play Their Part

The 2nd round of the NatSKA season saw us venture to Fulbeck (4/10/2014) which is well known in our organisation as a drivers circuit, even with those long straights a mastery of the chicanes and tight final sector seems to be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to the lap time. Like last time at Whilton Mill the forecast looked to be a mixed bag and so it was! The morning greeted us with heavy rain and drizzle, meaning the drivers had to be on the ball from the word go. It came and went through out the day but ultimately left us with cracking sunshine and some dry racing come the last half of the day.

Class 7 Jnr TKM saw the same top 4 from last time out at Whilton Mill battle it out in the changeable conditions. With 3 out of the 4 being Tarporley drivers the odds were stacked against Charlie Palmer of St Michaels to put a dent in Lee Whittinghams early championship lead. Lee fired out of the blocks taking 3 victories from the first 3 races with Charlie trailing in 2nd in all 3. This early dominance spelled disaster for Charlie’s efforts of making that dent as it left him to fight for 2nd place with the ever improving Theo Hesketh, who took the final race win, just putting him 1 point from knocking Charlie off that 2nd step in the final results.


Harvey Hollick of Barclay did just enough early on in the wet conditions

Class 11 Jnr Honda GX160 saw a similar situation as in class 7 where the top 3 competed for the top step of the podium all day long. Harvey Hollick of Barclay managed the difficult track conditions the best coming out on top in the first 2 races, setting him up nicely for what looked like his first meeting victory of the season. Charlie Whittingham of Tarporley did his best to ruin Harvey’s early performance by stealing a single victory from him in the 3rd race, but ultimately Harvey made up for his error by taking another victory in the final race and comfortably claiming the meeting victory. That then left Charlie to fight for 2nd place with St Michael’s driver Josh Fish, Charlies victory proved the winning factor in the battle handing him 2nd place over Josh.

Our Snr GX160 grid class 12 had more of an even point spread among the grid. Merrick Crook of St Michael’s shone threw the pack splitting his 2 race victories with a 2nd and a 3rd, keeping his feet solidly on the podium to the very end of the day. Championship challenger Connor Murrill of Barclay did his best to take on Merrick, but he found himself fighting off team mate Callum Weedon who put his meeting challenge in jeopardy in the 2nd race where he picked up a penalty. Fortunately for Connor he kept his slate clean, running consistently in the top 3 throughout the day awarding him with the 2nd place trophy in front of Callum in 3rd.


Taking the fight to his team mates Cameron Kingham of Barclay proved the leader of the pack

The modified Honda grid played host to Cameron Kingham’s return to the top step of the podium as he put the challenge to his teammates, he managed 3 race wins in a row over Callum Bowden and Ryan Newcomb. Callum was never far behind though throwing the gauntlet down in the first race by taking the victory but found himself in a predicament in the 2nd race when finishing at the back of the grid. He did his best to make up this though in the following 2 races finishing 2nd in both but it wasn’t enough! Cameron took the victory with Callum in 2nd and teammate Ryan who also couldn’t topple Cameron took 3rd.

Class 14 Raket yet again became the scene of a close battle between siblings. Sam and Jake Bailey-Saltmarsh from Tarporley put on a show in the changing conditions but ultimately it came down to Sam’s thirst for victories! Sam started strong and finished so, bagging 2 more wins than his brother to beat him to the top step. Jake did his best but couldn’t crack his brother, leaving him to wrap up second in front of Beths driver Toby Johnson.


Jack made it 3 class victories for team Barclay in convincing style

With the absence of number 1 seed and championship leader Matthew Boyle it was up to the rest of the pack to make up the lead. Last rounds 2nd place man Connor Bailey seemed like the most likely candidate to snap up the meeting victory, but Barclay driver Jack Ward came out of the gates flat out and didn’t let off till the second half of the meeting. He took 2 victories from the first 2 races leaving Connor to pick up 2nd in both right behind him. Even when Jack faltered in the 3rd race Connor couldn’t make up as much ground as he wanted finishing in 5th. Jordan Brown of AMS however did, taking his only victory of the day and sealing his spot on the 3rd step of the podium. Jacks early dominance made up for his race 3 performance putting him in 1st place in front of Challenger Connor.

The full meeting photo album can be found here


Class 7  Jnr TKM

1. (5) Lee Whittingham – Tarporley
2. (4) Charlie Palmer – St Michael’s
3.  (68) Theo Hesketh – Tarporley

Class 11  Jnr Honda

1. (20) Havery Hollick – Barclay
2. (17) Charlie Whittingham – Tarporley
3. (12) Josh Fish – St Michael’s

Class 12  Snr Honda

1. (15) Merrick Crook – St Michael’s
2. (2) Connor Murrill – Barclay
3. (16) Callum Weedon – Barclay

Class 13  Modified Honda

1. (69) Cameron Kingham – Barclay
2. (61) Callum Bowden – Barclay
3. (63) Ryan Newcomb – Barclay

Class 14  Raket

1. (22) Sam Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley
2. (11) Jake Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley
3. (36) Toby Johnson – Beths

Class 15  Jnr Rotax

1. (3) Jack Ward – Barclay
2. (6) Connor Bailey – Tarporley
3. (45) Jordan Brown – AMS