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Round 1 – A Brand New Season

Whilton Mill had the honour of hosting Round 1 (20/9/2014) of our 2014-15 campaign not long after having our 3 day National Finals for the 2013-14 season (we never get tired of racing at this quality facility). The day saw mixed conditions throwing a spanner in the works when it came to a few races throughout day, but as ever our drivers prevailed above the weather proving their abilities in the typical English conditions.


Class 7 Winner number 5 Lee Whittingham of Tarporley

Class 7 Jnr TKM saw the typical hearty turn out that Whilton Mill provides due to the excellent location for the majority of our teams spread out among the country. After the National Finals a lot of the drivers were keen to put their seeded numbers to the test, with Lee Whittingham of Tarporley showing why he bagged a top 5 last season by coming out on top in 2 of his races. 6th seeded George Peters wasn’t far behind never finishing any lower than 4th throughout the day putting him a close 2nd behind Lee. The highest seeded driver Charlie Palmer of St Michael’s did his best to battle with the two but found a few bad results later in the day to be his downfall.

The Jnr Honda GX160 grid class 11 saw Josh Fish of St Michael’s tackle the changing conditions in supreme style from the word go! He built up a nice cushion of 2 wins in his first 2 races, allowing for a hiccup in the 3rd race followed by another podium finish in the last giving him the meeting victory. Teammates Harvey Hollick and Max Shaughnessy of Barclay put in a strong performance to challenge Josh, with Harvey coming within a point of him unfortunately not being able to pick the pieces up in race 3 when Josh finished back in 15th. Max however did coming 1st in that race which ultimately put him up to 3rd at the meetings conclusion.

Snr GX160 class 12 saw a clean sweep from 58 Matthew Hearst of Crossdale putting him firmly on the top step of the podium come the end of the day. Barclay driver Connor Murrill  battled it out for 2nd place with Merrick Crook of St Michael’s, where both finished on identical points with identical results meaning the ‘highest points finish’ couldn’t even decide the result! The fastest lap of the day was called up to decide the last two steps on the podium, Connor clocked in a strong 5 tenths faster than Merrick’s fastest thus gifting him the 2nd place.


Class 13 winner number 62 Ethan Murrill of Barclay leading the pack

Class 13 Modified Honda drivers kept the theme of last season up by pushing each other just as hard. At the front Ethan Murrill and Cameron Kingham from Barclay did battle once again, Cameron started the day with a win while Cameron and team mate Ryan Newcomb tailed him. Ethan then put his foot to the floor and seized 3 wins in the following 3 races, beating Cameron to the meeting victory. Cameron wrapped up 2nd comfortably with Teammate Ryan fending off charges from behind him to get 3rd.

Tarporley provided a strong line up yet again for class 14 making up the majority of the grid. Number 4 Robbie White made a strong start to his Whilton Mill campaign by beating teammate Sam Bailey-Saltmarsh and his brother Jake to the chequered flag in the first race. Him, Sam and Jake kept up the trend throughout the day battling for places on the podium with Robbie beating the brothers to the meeting victory with 3 wins and a 2nd place. Sam and his brother finished in 2nd and 3rd respectfully!


Matthew Boyle of St Michael’s proved why he has the number 1 plates on his kart

Like in class 7 the pack was as competitive as ever at the National finals last time out so round 1 meant a chance for those who gained seeded numbers to flex their muscles. St Michael’s driver Matthew Boyle did just that and proved why he currently brandishes the number 1 plate by winning 2 of his 4 races to come in the top spot at the end of the day. Brothers Conner and Alek Modro of 1165ATC made Matthew work fr it all day, with Conner snapping at his heels during both his race wins. Conner managed a win in his final race which saw him ahead of his brother by 1 point come the final standings who also bagged a win in the 2nd race.

Our next meeting is at Fulbeck on the 4/10/14 so come on down if you live close by, everyone is welcome to spectate and pick our brains! Head over to our calender for more details and feel free to get in touch if you require anymore information.

The full meeting photo album can be found here


Class 7  Jnr TKM

1. (5) Lee Whittingham – Tarporley
2. (6) George Peters – Barclay
3. (4) Charlie Palmer – St Michael’s

Class 11  Jnr Honda

1. (12) Josh Fish – St Michael’s
2. (20) Harvey Hollick – Barclay
3. (7) Max Shaughnessy – Barclay

Class 12  Snr Honda

1. (58) Matthew Hearst – Crossdale
2. (2) Connor Murrill – Barclay
3. (15) Merrick Crook – St Michael’s

Class 13  Modified Honda

1. (62) Ethan Murrill – Barclay
2. (69) Cameron Kingham – Barclay
3. (63) Ryan Newcomb – Barclay

Class 14  Raket

1. (4) Robbie White – Tarporley
2. (22) Sam Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley
3. (11) Jake Bailey-Saltmarsh – Tarporley

Class 15  Jnr Rotax

1. (1) Matthew Boyle – St Michael’s
2. (7) Conner Modro – 1165ATC
3. (2) Alek Modro – 1165ATC